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Paths of Glory (Stanley Kubrick, 1957)

Original title: Paths of Glory
Germany/Austria: Wege zum Ruhm
LatinAmerica: La patrulla infernal
Spain: Senderos de gloria
France: Les sentiers de la gloire
Brazil: Glória Feita de Sangue
Portugal: Horizontes de Glória
Russia: Тропы славы

Year 1957
Running time 86 min.
Country United States
Filming locations: Bavaria (Germany)
Director Stanley Kubrick
Screenwriter Stanley Kubrick, Calder Willingham, Jim Thompson (Novel: Humphrey Cobb)
Music Gerald Fried
Cinematography Georg Krause (B&W)
Kirk Douglas,  George MacReady,  Adolphe Menjou,  Ralph Meeker,  Wayne Morris, Joe Turkel,  Richard Anderson,  Timothy Carey,  Peter Capell,  Susanne Christian, Bert Freed,  Emile Meyer

Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas) is the commander of the battle-decimated 701st Infantry Regiment of the French Army, dug in along the Western Front in a stalemated WWI. It is 1916 and the Allies have been struggling to overcome an equally determined German war machine for two years. Dax, who was a criminal lawyer during peacetime, hopes that his regiment will be relieved from front-line duty. The high command has other plans. The generals General Broulard (Adolphe Menjou), corps commander and suave representative of the high command arrive at the placid, beautiful chateau that serves as headquarters for General Mireau (George Macready), the divisional general in charge. Broulard tells Mireau that his division has been dormant and must now make an all-out attack against an impregnable German position nicknamed the Ant Hill and that this position must be captured within 48 hours.

Primera Guerra Mundial (1914-1918). En 1916, en Francia, el general Boulard ordena la conquista de una inexpugnable posición alemana y encarga esa misión al ambicioso general Mireau. El encargado de dirigir el ataque será el coronel Dax. La toma de la colina resulta un infierno, y el regimiento emprende la retirada hacia las trincheras. El alto mando militar, irritado por la derrota, decide imponer al regimiento un terrible castigo que sirva de ejemplo a los demás soldados.

"An antidote to false movies about the glories of war (...) We can still take inspiration from the idealism and cool mastery of Kubrick's undying art"
Michael Wilmington: Chicago Tribune

"'Paths of Glory' was the film by which Stanley Kubrick entered the ranks of great directors, never to leave them (...) Rating: ★★★★ (out of five)"
Roger Ebert: Chicago Sun-Times

"Mr. Kubrick has made it look terrific. The execution scene is one of the most craftily directed and emotionally lacerating that we have ever seen."
Bosley Crowther: The New York Times

"Though a minor achievement, it’s certainly his most humane film (...) [It] may be first-rate humanity, but it's also second-rate art (…) Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)"

"Kubrick's first world war masterpiece (…) Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)"
Peter Bradshaw: The Guardian

"Terse and remorseless it may be, but the final flourish is perhaps the most fitting gracenote in all of cinema (…) Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)"
Colin Kennedy: Empire

"This superb 1957 film (...) is a reminder both of [Kubrick's] extraordinary formal virtuosity and powers as a satirist."
Geoffrey Macnab: The Independent

"'Paths of Glory' fue la película con la que Stanley Kubrick entró en el rango de los grandes directores, que ya no abandonó nunca (...) Puntuación: ★★★★ (sobre 4)"
Roger Ebert: Chicago Sun-Times

"La obra maestra de Kubrick sobre la primera guerra mundial (…) Puntuación: ★★★★★ (sobre 5)"
Peter Bradshaw: The Guardian

"Puede que sea brusca y despiadada, pero la floritura final es quizá la nota de gracia más apropiada de todo el cine (…) Puntuación: ★★★★★ (sobre 5)"
Colin Kennedy: Empire

"El señor Kubrick ha hecho que su aspecto sea increíble. La escena de la ejecución es una de las mejor dirigidas y emocionalmente más dolorosas que hemos visto nunca."
Bosley Crowther: The New York Times

"Esta excelente película de 1957 (...) es un recordatorio del extraordinario virtuosismo y del poder para satirizar [de Kubrick]"
Geoffrey Macnab: The Independent

1957: BAFTA Awards: Nominated for Best Film
1957: Writers Guild of America (WGA): Nominated for Best Drama Screenplay

Audio: English (original), Spanish (dubbed 2 audios)
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese (muxed)
Resolution: 1192x720 pixels
Weight: 6,83 GB

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